Image Set-Up Support

How to Export Your Images into Eyetelligence Assure

Exporting Images From Image Capture Software

A folder called Eyetelligence Images is created once you download Eyetelligence Assure. The purpose of this folder is to provide Eyetelligence Assure the retinal images in order to conduct the AI analysis.

When an image is captured from your retinal or OCT camera it is typically viewed on image capture software. This is the first program you open to view the retinal images. Many image viewing programs contain an Export option.

How to Export an Image into Eyetelligence Assure

  1. Launch the image viewing software used to view a retinal image
  2. Select one image for the left eye and one image for the right eye
  3. Click Export in the image software program
  4. Select the Eyetelligence Images folder
  5. Note: This folder can be found in:
    C DriveEyetelligenceEyetelligence Images

  6. Once the images have been exported into Eyetelligence Images the software is ready to begin the analysis

If you would like this export process to be automated, Eyetelligence IT Support may assist you.
Click here to determine if you are eligible for an automated set-up process

How To Find The Image Extension On Retinal Images

  1. Select one retinal image in your image viewing software
  2. Click Export (the location of this feature will vary depending on the image viewing software)
  3. Click a location such as the desktop to Export or Save your image
  4. Once this has completed then locate the exported retinal image
  5. Right click on the image and select Properties
  6. You will see the Image Extension such as .jpg in brackets next to the Type of File name as below
  7. Return to the Eyetelligence Assure Image Set-Up window to select the same Image Extension format that has appeared in the image’s Properties

Need Further Help?

If you are still experiencing difficulty with the Image Set-Up then IT Support is here to help.

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