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US Investors Back Australian Innovation with US$12m – Using AI to Detect and Prevent Disease through Eye Scans

Melbourne, Australia, 15 MAY 2023 – New York-based healthtech company creation platform Ascertain is investing US$12 (A$18) million in Eyetelligence, a Melbourne-based healthtech company which uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology and retinal imaging to screen for eye and systemic diseases.

Australian First: TGA Approved AI Platform for Optometry

Mivision editor, Melanie Kell, interviews Professor Harry Weisinger on the announcement of the new Eyetelligence clinical decision-support software.

Professor He Awarded Major MRFF Grant

Eyetelligence’s CMO, Professor He, was awarded a $5M grant by MRFF to lead development of an integrated AI eye screening system for use in primary care settings. Eyetelligence named as exclusive technical and commercial partner.

Expanding Horizons In Pursuit of Disease Detection

Mivision editor, Melanie Kell, interviews Professor Ming He, our Chief Medical Officer on why he is so passionate about eye health, and what drives him to pursue excellence in his field and on the study of AI.

Research & Development

Our AI models have been years in development with a dedicated team. The AI has been trained using 200,000+ retinal images, labelled by a panel of subspecialist ophthalmologists. Our papers on the AI models have been published and peer reviewed.


This work describes the development of a deep learning algorithm (DLA) for the detection of neovascular AMD (nAMD) based on a large specialist annotated dataset of 56,113 images. Amongst an independent, local validation dataset of 5554 images (including 18.4% nAMD cases) derived from a range of providers and camera models, our DLA achieved robust performance for nAMD (AUC = 0.995).

AI on Glaucoma

This is one of the first studies to build a deep learning system for the classification of Glaucomatous Optic Neuropathy on colour fundus photographs and performs large scale evaluation for algorithm efficacy on multi-cohorts.

AI on Diabetic Retinopathy

This study provides a comprehensive view of the development and validation of AI-based deep learning algorithms for the detection of referable diabetic retinopathy (DR). This AI-based deep learning model shows robust performance in the detection of vision-threatening referable DR (severe DR or worse, DME, or both) in retinal images from a multiethnic sample.

NHMRC Partnership Grant

An approved grant (1 million, 2019-2022) working with academic partner the Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA). Eyetelligence is an industrial partner to provide technology and products to support the project.

NHMRC Partnership Grant

MRFF 2019 Applied Artificial Intelligence Research in Health Grant

MRFF 2019 Indigenous Health Research Grant

The only industrial partner for this grant application submitted in 2020.

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